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A. A:

I had come to camp for The Preacher Prayer Retreat in Abuja to seek God's intervention in Nigeria. Now I have a greater burden for my country Nigeria. This past weekend of the retreat indisputably is the best weekend of the year for me. My wife and children who equally came for the retreat are glad. We have another family project: praying for Nigeria, for the enthronement of godly leaders and supporting them with prayers and to exercise our civic duties as Christians. That the 2014 prayer retreat in Abuja was very strategic is not in doubt. Even the structure and form of the meetings differed from many previous ones as the Holy Spirit had His way completely. News just broke about a missing Nigeria Air-force fighter jet with two pilots on a mission to Adamawa, as well as about riots in Kano. At the recent weekend retreat, God had granted the very same revelation, which you had described as “a flash,” and we had prayed exactly about the military combat plane crashed with two survivors out of five, and specifically for the city of Kano and the plot to cause mass deaths. Our prayer is that God averts an escalation of war in Nigeria and that the destiny of Nigeria be not aborted. I was born during the senseless Nigerian civil war. I have read civil war memoirs and listened to sad war narrations by my mother and late dad. I do not wish it for my children.