The Preacher began humbly in 1981. Initial productions were by mimeograph, and circulation was only a few hundreds. Over the years, circulation has grown into thousands, attracting several compelling testimonies from the leadership and laity of the Body of Christ. The several consistent testimonies about the work of The Preacher do strongly stress daily that God has made of The Preacher a voice in the wilderness of the present generation.

The target audience, over time, has remained the lay and ordained Christian leadership, as well as several others whose spirits long for the deep things of God that belong beyond the veil where "deep calleth unto deep" (Psalm 42:7). This literature ministry realizes that the Word which God gives needs a "company" of publishers (Psalm 68:11). It realizes that God calls and sends not only prophets and wise men but also scribes (Mathew 23:24); scribes whom He equips with the pen of a ready writer (Psalm 45:1), to whom He also says, as to Apostle John the beloved, "What thou seest, WRITE in a book, and SEND it unto the churches" (Revelation 1:11).