14 Jan 2018

The Error of Samson

Anyone who has made the first and second ‘mistake’ of striking you but missed – thanks to your God who sees your sincere soul – do not be fooled next time to drop your guard in their presence. They will keep attempting the ‘mistake’ until you are javelined to the wall, fatally pinned to the one-spot of slow and painful death. That was where mighty Samson made his tragic error. He seemed to have been hypnotised or ‘pinned’ to Delilah’s room. He could not run for dear life after that woman had carried out the first and second and third experiments ‘by mistake’ to discover the secret of his strength to use it to harm him. He had been too much in ‘love’ to notice the weapon in her hands (Judges 16:8-20).

If someone’s public foot should step on your private toes the first time, it might be a mistake, but not the second and the third. If the second was not enough warning for you to watch out, and the third did not tell you to run, then you had been a fool. It is suicidal to give another tenure to a mad man who so glaringly had tried repeatedly to javelin you to the wall, had God not been on your side.


Let the Dances Continue…

They might not always call their javelin by its proper name of death, no problem; at least we can see the many ‘fruits’ of its previous ‘ministrations,’ which warns us of what worse they could do, if we should let them again. They might argue in self-justification, “After all, everybody carries ‘something’ in their hand, just as you also carry a harp.” No problem. Mark them all the same, and avoid them, while you keep playing on your harp or dancing in the street – and the dances shall not cease because a king has gone mad. Amen.

The end…


From The Preacher’s diary,

January 14, 2018 (on the third day of a secluded fast).


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