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  The Preacher is the name of a prophetic pen as well as the willing “company” of publishers (Psalm 68:11) that the Lord has raised to ink that Pen and circulate the words of its prophecy around the globe especially in print, and also by radio and on the web.

In the past three decades, like the voice in the wilderness, this epistolary ministry has regularly published millions of bulletins, magazines, and books on various aspects of Christian life, such as intersession, spiritual warfare, righteousness and holiness, Christian leadership, etc., all of which have been acclaimed best sellers and have served to inspire countless readers, among them notable leaders in the global Church.

The Voice, on occasion, has served as a prophetic watch to which so many have looked for the guiding star that would lead to the manger of divine purpose where God’s next move lies concealed from the learned and the strong.

The Lord declares in Matthew 23:34, “Behold I send unto you prophets, wise men and scribes.” God sends not only prophets and wise men but also scribes. This “sent” prophetic scribe has had to mail scrolls and parchments across the globe and speak and teach in conferences around the world, proclaiming the Word from on high.

Get to know who we are. The background details of The Preacher, including history, mission, vision and statements of belief are provided here.

Our publications, books and monthly digests are provided FREELY for you here. Feel free to review, read, print or email them to your friends. May they be a blessing to you.
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Persuasive Encounters

Persuasive Encounters

And Moses answered and said, But, behold, they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice: for they will say, The Lord hath not appeared unto thee.
                                                                                          Exodus 4:1

Nobody takes seriously the story of the one whose encounter is doubtful. The world waits to hear those who have met with the Lord, not those who tell stories of how to meet with the Lord. Moses understood it enough to say, ''They will not believe me, for they will say to me, 'The Lord has not appeared to you.''' May your encounter speak for you in Jesus name. Amen.

From The Preacher's diary.

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What killed the king?
What killed the king?

Not everybody dies from the disease that apparently kills them. Some die from the places they go to, seeking relief from that disease.
thePreacherDiary on October 17 2013 16:54:35
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A trans-denominational retreat spiritually geared for The Church and The Nation.

thePreacherDiary on August 26 2013 13:18:01
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Mrs. Job
In only one out of the entire 1,070 verses in the 42-chapter episode of Job do we hear the voice of the wife of that great and noble man. Unfortunately, that sole reference is far from being
thePreacherDiary on February 08 2013 11:18:48
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2013 Programme
Kindly find below, programme schedule for 2013
thePreacherDiary on January 18 2013 14:41:38
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2013 Programme
Kindly find below, activities scheduled for 2013
thePreacherDiary on January 18 2013 14:18:29
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Mrs. David
David had carried a burden about the ark of God, to find it a place in his capital city of Jerusalem. The first time he attempted the project, things went awry and someone died.
thePreacherDiary on January 18 2013 14:06:17
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Exposed: The Sponsors of Bloodshed

A few days ago, inundated by the repeated reports of deadly Islamic brutalities against the global Church, particularly the Church in Nigeria, and especially the rising statistics of gruesome fatalities, I found myself where the currents of pain and wearines sometimes carry the mind of the intercessor after many tears without a noticeable lessening of the tribulations.

thePreacherDiary on August 13 2012 14:24:04
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Why Do The Righteous Suffer?

Is sin the reason for every adversity in life? Does righteousness mean a life without problems?

thePreacherDiary on February 21 2012 21:13:49
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A throne is a seat of political and/or religious power. Most thrones wield both political and religious powers.  Even where they may be apparently political thrones, they usually exert religious powers also, and vice versa

thePreacherDiary on February 02 2012 20:30:51
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Our last post in this series on the Spirit of Sudan was “The Onus of the Watchman.” The Stop Press to that message addressed the news about the Islamic delegation that had visited some churches in Kano with the message that we were all brothers, serving the same god, and that the Boko Haram jihadists were not Muslims. I cried foul at that mission, calling those Islamic emissaries Gibeonites, of whom our elders should beware and not enter into a disarming covenant. Has Islam truly begun to agree that we serve the same God, who has a Son called Jesus the Saviour? That would be great.
thePreacherDiary on February 02 2012 20:13:23
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Mrs. David
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Mrs. David
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